Purchasing of Policies

Our process begins with getting to know our prospective customers. What insurable risks or assets they have and their future plans. Once these lines of insurance have been identified we then walk our customers through different policy types and coverages which best fit their needs.

Once coverage needs have been identified we will provide our customers with a quote or multiple quotes in order for them to review and make an educated decision on which proposal works with both their budget and provides piece of mind knowing their assets have been properly covered.

Existing Policyholders

Once a part of The Matthew Tidd Insurance Agency LLC, customers can expect top tier servicing of their policies. We take pride in remaining in touch with our customers to ensure that all needs are being met and that any necessary changes or additions to their policies are being handled with care.

We also help guide our customers through our claims process. While Farmers Insurance has a department that handles all claims, we ensure that our customers are always aware of what that process looks like and provide updates on current claim statuses.